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     Welcome to another update on the doings of Seattle’s premier hi-octane rock ‘n’ roll band!  Since our last update, much has been going on.  We played some great gigs since January, firstly at The Mercury on February 22 with The Electric Kisses and Botox Aftermath .  The Mercury is a cool little club located under the Auto Battery shop on E. Union, right beside the Lifelong AIDS Alliance Thrift Store.   It’s normally a Goth dance club but they started having live bands there brought in by DJ Panix on the third Sunday (and now second Thursday) of every month.   Though the turnout was small, the atmosphere was great, akin to playing a party in your friend’s cool basement rec room.  You all had friends with cool basement rec rooms right?  That’s what this reminded me of.  There weren’t too many Goths there, although I did see a guy who looked just like the Chris Kattan character in the SNL sketch “Goth Talk.”  The Electric Kisses slipped me their latest demo recorded at Egg with Conrad Uno, and it totally rocks.   I’m way impressed with how much tighter and more rockin’ these cats have gotten in the last few months.   We’ll be playing at the Merc again on April 8 w/ the Malinks and the Valley, so keep that date free.  

     Our next show was at the Funhouse on March 6.  The Bad Dates were supposed to play, but once again the Earache curse reared its ugly head and they had to cancel due to a sick band member.  On the plus side, the opener, the Dead Vampires were fantastic.   They are a drums, synth and theremin trio who dress like vampires, and do instrumental tunes including Kiss’ “Strutter” and the Misfit’s “Astro Zombies.” In between songs they tell bad Vampire-related jokes.   These crazies were just a blast, so check ‘em out.

      Coincidentally, the night before our gig there, Joe’s other band the Gropers played their first show. Formed out the ashes of the Midriffs, the Gropers are a female fronted ’77 punk influenced band. They played an energetic set of originals and a cover of “Lipstick” by the Fun Things.  Also on the bill that night were the Blank Its and the Royal Pains,  a sideband of Tiffany from the Stuck Ups and also featuring drummer Spanky from the Dead Vampires.  Three days after our Funhouse gig, the Earaches were at the Re-Bar for Tablet’s Clinic with Mea Culpa and Moral Crux. An excellent show, DJ Tim Hayes kept the ‘70s punk hits coming, and Johnny Skolfuk did his crazy guitar and drums comedy act, which went a tad long but was still entertaining.   I thought we were firing on all cylinders that night, and really everyone rocked.  I haven’t seen Moral Crux in ages, and they were excellent. Props must go to those oh-so Naughty Nurses who shook and shimmied in their sexy Latex outfits all night. 

     We don’t have much else planned as were prepare to head into Egg studios for four days with Johnny Sangster and Tim Kerr.  Back in late January, we hauled all our equipment out to August’s place in Shoreline to do a quickie demo recording using his fancy schmansy computerized recording equipment, and it turned out damn fine! We did the backing tracks for 20 new songs on one Sunday afternoon, then came back in on a couple of different nights to do lead and backing vocal overdubs. Once August got it all mixed, we gave out a few copies to our closest friends/fans to help us decide what songs to record at Egg.  Thanks for all your input, guys!  We’re all real excited about having Tim Kerr produce us, and we think we’ll make a rocking second album.  Steel Cage has also tossed out the idea of doing a 7” EP of live and demo tracks to come out before the new album does.  

     Lastly, Alan would like to thank all who sent in their sympathies regarding the passing of his cat, Chester. Since that time, he has acquired a wonderful new kittie named Papa Lightfoot. Yes, another cat named after a bluesman, this time ace harp player and raspy-voiced singer of such 1950s/60s jump-blues tunes as “Wine, Women and Whisky,” “Mean Ol’ Train” and “Jump The Boogie, Baby.” 

                                                                                           - L. Ran Wighat, Minister of News Dissemination

Next update:  the dirt on our latest recording session with Tim Kerr coming VERY soon!


Alan’s Top 5:
1.  Undertones “Get What You Want” CD - amazing new CD from class of ’79 pop/punksters, plus remastered reissues of their four 1979-83 albums on Sanctuary
2 Pandoras “Stop Pretending” CD – Rhino reissue of classic 1986 garage LP by groovy girl band with bonus tracks to die for
3.  TSOL “Divided We Stand” CD  - the follow-up to “Beneath The Shadows,” some twenty years late! Made me pull put “Shadows” and “Dance With Me” and started spinning them again a lot lately.
4.  Retreads “Highway To Helsinki” CD on Gulcher label – great raw, Ramones-y “Blue Ribbon Rock” from Indiana punks
5.  Boss Martians “The Set Up” CD – fantastic powerpop produced by Johnny Sangster
1.  Deep Purple - Machine Head, Made in Japan
2.  Whole lotta Zeppelin
3.  The Electric Kisses- Egg Demo (these guys are amazing! great songs, go see 'em!)
4.  70's comp that has 'Ooh Child' by the Five Stairsteps on it.
5.  Frank Sinatra - Capitol Years


1.  GBV
2.  Undertones
3.  Dwarves
4.  Johnny Cash
5.  Stooges


1.  The Drags "45 x 3"
2.  The Makers "Hunger"
3.  Undertones "All wrapped up"
4.  Evaporators "Ripple Rock"
5.  Marilyn Manson "Antichrist Superstar"