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     OK, here it is. I know it’s been a while, get off my back already. ’06 has been a wild ride so far and I’ll see if can shake the details from my few remaining brain cells for you.  While we haven’t played much locally, we’ve been busy all year trying to make an album, go on tour, and deal with personnel as well as personal issues. Here goes:


     Killer show for August’s birthday in February.  The Fucking Eagles kicked some royal ass once their whiskey soaked bassist was located drinking down the street.  Four Easy Pieces brought out the goods and August joined them for a rocking cover of “Boss Hoss” by the Sonics, a couple of their tunes that are his favorites: “Twist and Yell” and “Working For A Living,” and closed it with “Shot Down In Flames” by rock gods AC/DC.   Guitar virtuoso Ray Wyland from that band joined us to cover August’s guitar parts, giving him free reign to drink, which he did.   Heavily.   Friends and fans alike found out why August doesn’t drink much in public these days.  “It felt like some strange karaoke performance in my own band. ,I don’t know how good it all sounded but I had a fuckin’ GREAT time.”   76 Charger came out and mopped up the rest of the show with their full-throttle booze cruise of a set.   The copious alcohol consumption led to nothing less than a minor love in between August and 76 Charger out in the parking lot- “we’re brothers now man!”   Which continued on with August in the van the entire ride home from the gig: “you guize are the greatisht… I’m sorry…I love you man…”


     Tim Kerr was nice enough to take time out his uber-busy schedule a couple weeks later and give us some well rounded advice on the material for our new album.   We were hoping to work with him again, but just couldn’t get our schedules to jibe. It’s always great to see and hang out with Tim and I finally got to meet his wife Beth, who I felt like I already knew.   Man, I love that guy.


     Tensions were running a little high the night Tim came by, but things got real ugly the next night.  Unfortunately we were unable to reach an agreement on some fundamental band issues with longtime bass player Joe Kilbourne, and decided to part ways.  We thank him for his seven years of service and wish him the best of luck in future endeavors.


     Luckily we were bailed out of a potentially sticky situation when bass-master Oni Timm of Four Easy Pieces (what would we do without those guys?) agreed to fill in for our upcoming tour and local shows.   That motherfucker learned 19 songs in two weeks and rocked ‘em like he’d been playing since day one!   We couldn’t believe our luck and are very grateful to him and the other Pieces for helping us out.


     He took the opportunity to prove just how bad ass he is at our Funhouse gig with modern metal greats Bible Of The Devil. The Nerds from Italy opened up.  They seemed alright but I missed most of their set getting something to eat.  Bible Of The Devil took the stage and set the place on fire with their metalicious dual flying V attack.   We had played with these guys last year at the Knitting Factory on our infamous first tour, so we knew they were the real deal.   What we didn’t know was they took the last twelve months to really crank it up and were even more amazing now.   Their new album is incredible.   If you liked classic Priest and Maiden, you’ll dig these guys.   It was hard as fuck to follow, but we got up and did our thing with fervor, newly charged by the fresh meat in the band.   Did we kick ass over BOTD?   Well, no way man… But did we kick ass? FUCK YEAH!


     And we continued to kick ass every single night of the tour, which is its own saga.   The tour diaries are coming along and will most likely be posted in 2-3 segments here on our site any day now.   Stay tuned.  In the meantime you can check out the blogs of Brian from the Jukebox Zeros for their side of the story.


     After tour we had a really cool all ages show at the Lab.  I love all ages gigs cause the kids are so real about what they like or don’t like and aren’t afraid to dance.   The first band, The Minors, opened up with a bunch of cool covers and a few worthy originals.   A little intimidated by the big stage at first, they loosened up into the set and rocked like pros.   I was particularly impressed by the young bass player’s ability to hold down such a solid groove – call me in seven years dude.   Keep rockin’ guys!  They were followed by A Cut Above, another underage local band.   I have to admit I only caught half of their set, but I liked most of what I heard.   Kinda So-Cal with a dash of Dinosaur Jr.   We took the stage and to our surprise the kids seemed to love every minute of it.   To our further surprise we were inundated with requests for autographs afterwards.   It was really an inspirational experience to play for such an enthusiastic crowd.


     We played our last live gig with Oni at the Comet as part of the Noise for Needy benefit.   Here at Earache Central we have a real fondness for bands who speak out about empowerment and personal freedoms, so it was a pleasure to share the stage with the engaging Ms. Led.   Leslie and her crew really know how to throw down a tune.   Great voice, great lyrics and really positive energy.   Go see ‘em when you can and pick a CD while you’re at it.   The next band up… was entirely forgettable and I’m sorry I can’t even remember their name.   The Valley raised the stakes with their standard sonic assault.   Nice to hear a few new tunes from them.   We finished the job and pretty much blew away folks that hadn’t seen us play with Oni yet.   I know he’s an Easy Piece, but he’s always gonna have a little Earache in him now.


     With all our live shows out of the way we turned our attention to the new album, tentatively titled “Time On Fire.”   Oni volunteered to help us with that too, and how could we say no to Oni?   In July we spent just under three weeks in the studios at Big Sound Productions (owned and operated by our very own Steve Jones) tracking.   We fired up the lava lamps, busted out the red vines and dug in.   There were about five full 12 hour days, and the rest was all 4-6 hours a night after work with a nice 3 p.m. to 3 a.m. sesh to finish the whole thing up.   Lemme tell ya: work was a lot of fun the day after that.   A pretty exhausting schedule, but well worth the results.    It was a total luxury recording at Steve's without being under the usual gun of the studio clock.   As I mentioned earlier, Tim Kerr wasn’t available so Steve and August are producing.   We invested a lot of time on getting good guitar and drum tones to tape along with high energy performances.   I think it really comes across in the mixes and so far I’m really proud of what we’re creating.   We’ll be mixing for the better part of August and should have the whole thing in the can by the end of the month.   If everything goes right it should be released in October.

     Besides wrapping up details for the new album, we are actively searching for a new bass player (see our bio page), and plans for a spring tour are under way.  With a little luck we’ll be hitting local stages again this fall.  Remember: there’s more to life than rock and roll, but not much.

Until next time, Live Free – Fizzy Lipton, Minister of Propaganda


HEAVY ROTATION @ Big Sound Productions:


Humble Pie

The James Gang

Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti

The Clash – 1st album

Rod Stewart Anthology

Rolling Stones – Exile on Main St, It’s Only Rock and Roll, Get Yer Ya Yas Out

Johnny Thunders – So Alone

The BellRays – Have A Little Faith

Tammy Wynette

The Johnny Burnette Trio

Janis Joplin

“Lazy Sunday” (SNL ‘Chronic-what?-cles of Narnia’ skit)

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