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     Well, HAPPY FREAKIN’ NEW YEAR!  Our first show of 2004 was shut down by good ol’ mother nature herself, who served up a big can of winter whoop ass on the sixth, leaving most band members snowbound.  With some luck the whole show will be rescheduled, check back to our shows page for the latest info.

      Our Christmas show was a rockin’ holiday romp.  The Valley managed to blow everyone’s mind with a stellar show, kicking it hard as only they can.  Dan sounded sweet on his new Jazzmaster, even if he was too high.  We snazzed up a bit for the festive occasion and hauled out some old seasonal faves like “Santa Claus” (Sonics), “Santa Claus Is Back In Town” (Elvis), and “Merry Chrismas Motherfucker” (Reckless Bastards).  We even wrote a new song that’s sure to be a yuletide classic “All I Want Is The Ramones For Christmas.”  Damn if those Santa hats don’t get hot on stage!

      In a strange turn of events, Motormouth was forced to cancel when their drummer lacerated his finger carrying gear into the club.  Like a true rock‘n’roll soldier, he was determined to play but his nasty little gash ended up needing eight stitches!  Too fucking bad, because after hearing the blistering tune “American Way” off their website, I’m sure they must put on a monstrous live show.  We hope Unka Rob is fully healed and functional by now.

      In other, sadder news, we pay tribute to Chester, Alan’s beloved cat.  Like his namesake, Howlin’ Wolf, he used all nine lives to the fullest. We’ll miss ya little buddy…

      As for our recording, the whole thing’s been pushed back to March, when Zak will have enough money from his paper route and shoveling driveways.  Our gig schedule is pretty lean until then, but rest assured that we’ll be working round the clock here at Earache Central Research Facilities, utilizing our state of the art technology to provide you with the very best in high octane rock and roll.   Until next time, LIVE FREE.

                                                                                       – Huang Euchrist, Minister of Propaganda


January is GLADS MONTH AT Earache Central.  All the guys are just totally nuts over the new CD ,  "Bad Case of The Glads” by these Canadian fuzz fiends. We give it a full six PBRs , our highest rating.  Run to your nearest mountie station and demand to hear it!  Or you could just check out their website:

Alan’s Top 5:

Les Baton Rouge “Women Non-Stop” CD and “Chloe Yurtz” CDEP (debut CD and brilliant follow-up EP)
Triggers “Shoot Your Mouth Off” CD, “Gasoline” 7” EP, S/T 7” EP  (saw ‘em live recently and their early '80s So. Cal punk sound won me over)
Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros “Streetcore” CD (last solo release from dear departed Joe, and also his best)
The Glads “Bad Case Of The Glads” CD (Canadian fuzzed-out garage punk)
New Bomb Turks “Switchblade Tongues, Butterknife Brains” CD (great collection of outtakes and covers, including NBT takes on the Devil Dogs, Gaunt, Joy Division, The Painted Ship, X, and the Knots)
1. Ella Fitzgerald with Chick Webb and his Orchestra, "The Early Years, Part 1"
2. Killing Joke, first album. Sounds even better twenty years later.
3. Rolling Stones, "Beggars Banquet" remaster
4. Poison 13, "Wine is Red, Poison is Blue"
5. Homemade Classic Metal Comp. w/ Maiden (Di'anno, not Dickinson), Priest, Sabbath, and the best of them all - Motorhead


1. Oblivians- Live in Memphis 199-I forgot (thanks Alan)
2. Dwarves- (I want to be your pimp!)
3. Bellrays- The Red, White& Black
4. Kent 3- (buy all their stuff you can find, Viv's washing dishes!)
5. Wayne Kramer- THE Hard Stuff


1. The voices in his head....