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HAPPY FREAKIN’ NEW YEAR!!  We had a great gig at the High Dive with 4 Easy Pieces  and The Weapons in December.  I’ve just gotta say it again, WE LOVE THIS CLUB!  If you haven’t checked this place out yet do yourself a favor.  Our show with The Bellrays was nothing short of mind blowing.  We’ve turned in better sets before, but we held our ground and still managed to rock the pants off everyone.   The crowd put their pants back on for the more subdued organ fueled garage of the Invisible Eyes, who turned in a fine set.   Then… The BellRays.  Anyone who witnessed that performance knows what I mean when I say it’s hard to put into words.   This is a band that gets life through their music and lives to play that music – and it showed during their nearly 90 minute non-stop set.   They brought down the entire fuckin’ house and left everyone walking away inspired and exhausted.   Those who already knew left satisfied and those who didn’t left converted.   It was a real honor to share the stage with such talented individuals.   GO SEE THIS BAND!!

It’s been an amazing year for us here at Earache central: our second album, our first tour, lots of great gigs with some amazing bands, another track on another comp., lots of radio airplay, and even a great live on air appearance.  We made a lot of new friends and fans along the way and even ran into some old ones here and there.  Thanks to the many clubs we played, all the great bands we’ve shared the stage with, and the people who welcomed us into their homes on tour.  Also thanks to all the radio stations throughout the world that have put us in rotation and helped bring our music to the people.   Finally, we’d like to thank all the people who came to see us, bought our albums, and requested to hear us on the radio.   You are the people who really make it happen for us and nothing turns us on more than knowing you enjoy our music and our performances.

We’re looking forward to another tour, a new album, and maybe even a single in 2006 along with a bevy of tasty gigs to satisfy your high octane lust.   We’re taking the month of January off to focus on material for our new album, but we will be back on stage in February for August’s blowout birthday gig at The Funhouse with some very special guests.   Remember: there’s more to life than rock and roll, but not much.

Until next time, Live Free – Fizzy Lipton, Minister of propaganda




1.  AC/DC – Powerage (every kid should be given an SG and a copy of this album at birth), TNT,  Highway to Hell,  If You Want Blood
2.  The Seizures – Lakeway Overdrive
3.  Lou Reed – Transformer (Mick Ronson is GOD)
4.  Bowie – Ziggy Stardust, Hunky Dory (did I mention Mick Ronson?)

5.  The Jukebox Zeroes – Four On the Floor
5. The Jukebox Zeroes – Four On the Floor


1.  Rocket From the Crypt

2.  Guided By Voices

3.  4 Easy Pieces (LIVE!)

4.  Vince Guaraldi Trio - A Charlie Brown Christmas

5.   Kent 3



1.  Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Global A Go-Go

2.  The Kinks - My own "best of" combination of Low Budget & Come Dancing With The Kinks (The Best Of The Kinks '77-'86)
3.  The Clash -The Essential Clash DVD
4.  Jukebox Zeroes - Four On The Floor
5.  The Clash - The Clash



1.  Guided By Voices - Human Entertainment at Hourly Rates
2.  Captured by Robots - Getting Fit With
3.  Glorious Day's new 7"
4.  USS Horse Whip
5.  Ramones - Rocket to Russia


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