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      It is with a very heavy heart that we must report the loss of our manager, drummer, friend, and brother, Alan Wright. 

Deeply troubled over personal issues, Alan made the very sad decision to end his own life Saturday, June 12th. 


     Endless thanks to everyone who helped make his memorial party a truly amazing night.  We'll be posting some pictures here as soon as we can.  For more about Alan, click here.


     The Earaches have decided to continue as a band.   We will have some brighter news here very soon.  We'd like to thank everyone for their love and support during this difficult time.  Live Free.





     Well, April turned out to be a pretty got-dang L-A-Z-Y month here at EARACHE CENTRAL.   Just one gig and lotsa blown off practices.   We kept trying to get this update about the recording session posted, but who wants to sit in front of a freakin' computer on a beautiful spring day?  I always end up with beer or ash on the keyboard 'cause I'm looking out the window.

     Our one gig started with "the Curse of the Earaches" rearing it's ugly head.  The Valley had to cancel because their drummer was  MIA (he was found 24 hours later in a cornfield, they removed the probe successfully).  With a few equipment & sound problems,  The Malinks  seemed to have a little trouble getting their set off the ground, but were soon delighting the crowd with their unique brand of softcore punk.

     “I’d like to thank the bartender for making all my singles doubles. Anything that happens after this is the direct result of that.”  August made this disclaimer at the start of our set at the Mercury Lounge, and by all accounts it was a loose and sloppy alcohol fueled orgy of musical mayhem that followed. O.K., it wasn’t all that bad, let’s just say that staying on time was sort of optional for a few members of the band.  Maybe it’s the underground locale, the ultra dim lighting, or just the presence of the cool goth people hanging out, but there’s just something about that place that brings out the RECKLESS BASTARDS in us (maybe the super strong drinks?).  It was a damn fine punk rock set if you ask this drunken participant. Despite a few minor fuck ups we just cranked her up and let it fly with joyful abandon.  The crowd was into it, but I think we might have been having more fun ourselves.  START YOUR OWN BAND!

      The biggest news of this (last) month is that we just finished four days at Egg Studios with Johnny Sangster and Tim Kerr recording our next album (check out the pictures).  Egg has great gear, a great location, is really comfortable, and Conrad & Emily are amiable hosts.  We always love working with Johnny because he really knows his shit and he's got a great set of ears.  While we knew it would be cool working with Tim, we just had no idea how REALLY FUCKING COOL it would be.  He is the most normal down to earth guy you'll ever meet - an instant friend.  At the same time he just happens to have an invaluable wealth of knowledge about making music which he freely dispenses.  Some of the best moments were just hanging out with Tim and listening to whatever he had to say.  His ideas for our music were great.  It was, dare I say, magical. 

      We thought the basic tracks would be pretty casual, but “the CHANCELLOR” cracked the whip and made us tighten up.  He worked our little punk asses off and brought out the best in all of us.  Once the basic tracks were down things loosened up – a lot.  The third day of tracking began with August cracking open a fifth of Sterling vodka at 10:30 a.m. to get primed for vocals.  He then proceeded to polish off the entire fifth over the course of the day.   There were a number of ‘special guests’ that showed up and the whole thing eventually dissolved into a big party.  Mike Maker showed up for a while in his bitchin’ Super Muscle Stang, Tim Hayes helped keep the beer moving, and Dan Beloit from the Valley saw to it that the green room stayed busy.  Dan knew we wanted him for some backing vocals, but he was a little surprised when the Chancellor put him to work on three or four songs (which turned out great, I must add).  Tim Hayes got dragged into the booth for at least one song and I’m pretty sure Tim Kerr did too.  There were a few other guests, music people dropping in and out to see Johnny or Tim, but honestly it’s a bit blurry.  It was unbelievably fun and somehow we still managed to get a lot of work done.  

     Needless to say we were a little more subdued on the last day.  Alan’s wrists were so sore we had Tim play some tambourine on one track and August could barely talk by the end of the day, let alone sing anymore (he could barely talk for a week after).  Zak and Joe were pretty spent as well. 

      We’re a band that’s used to putting all our energy into a performance and Tim Kerr held us at that peak for four days straight (well, at least three and a half).  It was a great rock and roll party full of smokin’, drinkin’, screamin’, and singin’. The results are the best stuff this band has ever put to tape.  We can’t wait to mix it with Tim in June.  No title yet, but STEEL CAGE should have it out this fall. In the meantime we’ll be putting out a VINYL 7 INCH this summer with some live stuff and a song from the demo in August’s home studio that won’t be on the album.  Until next time- LIVE FREE! 

                                                                                                          -  Huang Euchrist, Minister of Propaganda

 Next time: The EARACHES BUST OUT: Everyone’s got a freakin’ side project!


1.  The Hangmen "Loteria"
2.  Die Hunns "Long Legs"
3.  Teengenerate "Live At Shelter"
4.  Dexter Romweber "Blues That Defy The Soul"
5.  Razorcuts "R Is For Razorcuts"
1.  The Checkers “Make A Move”
2.  The Dead Vampires “Found Alive!”
3.  The Mooney Suzuki “People Get Ready”
4.  Beethoven “9th Symphony”
5.  Lord High Fixers “Group Improvisation…That’s Music!”, “Once Upon A Time Called… Right Now!”
1.  the Shemps "Tour cd 2004"
2.  Vegetable F, demo
3.  The Gropers demo
4.  DOA, collection that Alan made for me
5.  Eater, "All of Eater"
1.  Manic Hispanic "The Menudo Incident"
2.  Soledad Brothers
3.  Misfits "Legacy of Brutality"
4.  The Cramps "Flame Job"
5.  The Rolling Stones "Hot Rocks"