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     We had two great gigs in October.  At the Sunset we played with three great bands I’d never seen before.  First were The Midriffs, a super tight three piece with great hooks, impressive guitar work and some truly hilarious lyrics.  Next up were The Glamour Pets who really kicked it out despite some keyboard troubles.  Check them out when you can.  Besides really wailing on the skins, their drummer was nice enough to lend his kick pedal to Alan, whose own pedal turned up broken.  Following them were The New Fangs.  Anyone who remembers the Blow Up may notice a few striking similarities in this band, namely that it's the same guys with a different drummer and probably some new tunes.  More fine drumming and a lot of great energy all around. We did our thing, with an unusually low amount of mishaps.  Surprising, considering that Zak was shaking it like his pants were on FIRE and the set was all new songs we’re working on for the next album.   It was great to see Tim Hayes that night, who regaled us with tales of his skateboarding adventures and injuries.

     Our Halloween show was a FUCKIN’ BLAST!  The Monkey Pub was packed to capacity with some hard drinkin, freaky dressing, Halloween Mofos who really knew how to cut loose.  We have so many great pictures from the gig that we made a special Halloween page in our photo section.  We were on first and went with the classic horror theme: Joe as the Mummy, August as the Wolfman, Zak as Frankenstein, and Alan as Nosferatu.  Playing a set of all covers, including “I Like to Die,” “Hang Onto Yourself,” and “I Can Only Give You Everything,” we all managed to kick it hard despite make-up, bandage, artificial hair,  fang, and eyeglass difficulties.  Next up was 3 Inch Max, who dressed up like and then played a set by the Ramones.  Although their renditions weren’t all picture perfect, they put a whole lotta soul into it and it came off really excellent.  Besides, it sure was a hell of a lot of fun to dance around singing along to the Ramones with a bunch of other drunks.  RAMONES FOREVER!

      Between the bands  was a costume contest with bar tabs given away as prizes.  There were a lot of great costumes, but the Earaches' unanimous favorite was Wonder Woman, the barmaid who lived up to her costume by keeping that thirsty crowd sated.   Finally were the Stuck Ups, dressed as DEVO!  Never having seen the original spud boys, this was a real treat.  Their all too brief set included a killer version of “Girl U Want” that had the crowd bouncing off each other in a robotic pogoing frenzy.  Great set, though we’re saddened to hear that it was one of Meredith and Justin’s last gigs with the band.   It was a fun night all around and we’d like to thank the other bands, the awesome crowd, and especially the staff of the Monkey Pub who worked their asses off to show everyone a good time.

     We’ve got not one, but two great shows lined up with our local faves, The Valley, just in time for the holidays.  We’ve got a bunch of new stuff to play for ya, so come on out and join us for some Fun & Fuzz.  Until then - LIVE FREE
                                                                                                                    - Huang Euchrist, Minister of Propaganda


Mr. 4/4’s Top 5 + 1: 

1. The Byrds "The Columbia Singles 1965-67" double LP (Brilliant collection of essential folk-rock, all in glorious mono!)
2.  The Checkers "Make A Move" CD (great California powerpop that sounds like '79), 3. Swamp Rats "Disco Still Sucks" CD (deranged ‘60s punk that must be heard to believed),  4.  Jeff Dahl "I Was A Teenage Glam Fag, Vol. 2" CD (Dahl covers more of his fave ‘70s glam rock numbers, including the gayest song ever, "Little Willie"),  5.  The Kidnappers LP (German punks on a Teengenerate trip), 6. Von Zippers "The Crime Is Now" CD (smart Canadians sing about GMOs, Blue Suited Bullies and a hate-filled world full of online Hitlers).


1.  Jimi Hendrix "Axis: Bold As Love" 2.  Dusty Springfield "Anthology",  3.  Sly & the Family Stone "Stand", "Anthology", 4.  Midriffs  Self titled release,  5.  Stones "Brussels Affair "(bootleg), "Let It Bleed" (it’s so full of heroin-y evil goodness).   Special nod to the Jeff Dahl Group video collection and I’ve got a big Minutemen thing comin’ on strong.


1.  GBV  2.  Oblivians  3. Bellrays   4. GBV    5.  Makers


1.  Queens of the Stone Age "Songs for the Deaf ",  2.  The Dils  "Dils Dils Dils"3.  The Von Zippers,  4.  The Deftones "Around the Fur",  5.  Captain Beefheart  "Trout Mask Replica",  6.  Darediablo  "Feeding Frenzy"