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     Hello autumn! It was a long strange summer and I hate to ramble on endlessly, but there’s just too much good news not to.

      Just before Alan’s untimely departure we played a really great show that I just have to mention.  We’d been trying to hook up with Ronson Family Switchblade for more than a year to play a gig together and finally had the chance at the NW Punkfest .It was back in May, at the Funhouse, and I honestly can’t remember what other bands played but the Ronson’s kicked ass all over the place and we had the daunting task of following them up.  Luckily, we turned in one of our best sets ever played and managed to keep the energy level up for everyone.  That turned out to be the Ronson’s last gig, and well; sorry we didn’t get it together sooner guys, but thanks for the some truly inspired Rock and Roll.

 O.K., here’s the other dirt:

      We finished mixing the second record with Tim Kerr & Johnny Sangster and it looks like “GET THE REVOLUTION OUT OF YOUR HEAD” will hit the streets early next year.  We’ll be advancing a few songs from the album to our favorite radio stations before then.   The band is really proud of the way it turned out and we can’t thank Tim & Johnny enough for their invaluable contributions.  If you liked the first album, you’re gonna love the second one.

      Our “FREEDOM FRIES” 7 inch will be out on Steel Cage Records any day now.   When Seattle promoter Brian Foss asked us for a copy of our “anti-Bush song” to play on his radio show, we just couldn’t let him down.   Recorded by the Earaches themselves at the fledgling Flying Dog Studio, it also features some downright awesome artwork by renowned sketch man and bass master Don Blackstone.   The B-side, “Too Hot To Taste,” was written by Zak and is sure to satisfy the dirtiest fuzz lust you can muster.

      Most exciting of all, the Earaches are pleased to announce the addition of drummer Steve Jones to our line up.   Steve is that rare breed of musician in this town: besides having a car and a job, he’s actually a Seattle native who’s been around long enough to see it come and go and come again.   Besides his formidable percussive skills and cool punk name, he is also an experienced knob twiddler with his own studio, Big Sound Productions.   We’re glad to have him in the band and look forward to making fun of him here very soon.

      Finally, we’d like to thank everyone who came out to Alan’s memorial and helped to make it a real life affirming celebration.   For me the highlight of the evening was the “all star rock jam” when Zak, August, and Ray (Throwaway Angels), joined the Valley to play a couple songs.   We had a great time playing with the amazing Mark LaFalce, and being joined by Meredith McGuire, Mark Stobie, and Dan Beloit.   We’d especially like to thank Travis at the Lobo, Mark LaFalce, Brian Foss for the radio tribute, Mark LaFalce,  the RC5 & the Primate 5 (who reunited just for this show), Glorious Day, Mark LaFalce, The Valley, Lori Penney for the great photos of Alan, Mark LaFalce,  Lisa Lindstrom, Mr. Ray Wyland,  and Mark LaFalce.

 If you haven’t registered to vote yet, do it now!   Tell all your friends: VOTING IS COOL!

Until next time LIVE FREE – Fizzy Lipton, Minister of Propaganda







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