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Before I go any further, last time around I forgot to thank Darren and his Ju-Jitsu club for having us play at a killer loft party in the old Rainier Brewery back in July.  The All American Playboys played first and treated us to a rousing version of Cheech & Chong’s classic: “Earache My Eye.”   Not only that but we had three swinging go-go dancers for eye candy.  This writer personally had a hard time keeping his eyes off the ass of the lead girl during our set – a most pleasant distraction.   Should be a few good pix of that night posted here soon.

 Our Chop Suey show was really a blast thanks to the high energy of the crowd and the other bands.  We were last but we lit’em up and layed ‘em down like time was on fire.    Chuck Yaygrr seemed to survive Steve’s smoking them out pre-set and turned in an amazing performance that was an absolute spectacle.   I think all non-instrumentalist front men should wear tight vinyl blue jumpsuits with crash helmets.   After meeting a fairly reserved Holly backstage, I was blown away by her sexy onstage persona.   One of the many highlights of the show was when they did their ’epic rock song’ as someone passed out cheap lighters to the crowd for the classic ‘sea of lights’.  An epic rock moment if there ever was one.   The Emergency pretty much stormed the stage with their over the top brand of freedom rock.   While a few of their jams seemed a little loose at times, they made up for it with sheer energy.   This is one band that is going to be better every time you see them, and you should make it a point to see them.   We will be taking over Freemont with them and our good pals The Valley at the Highdive on September 24.   This is gonna be one hot show kids, so tell your friends and stock up on your scripts! 

Our last show at the Funhouse got off to a bit of a rocky start due to mysterious disappearing set lists (?!), but we pulled it out of our asses enough to not lose any fans and even made a few new ones.   I was told that both Rotten Apples and Crimson Sweet  were great that night;  I myself had to tend to a minor in my care and split right after our set.

 We’re still enjoying a lot of airplay on local station KEXP 90.3 FM, and are grateful for the attention.  We’re happy to announce that we will be playing live on air in their studios Tuesday, October 18, between noon and two p.m.   They’re online and they’re cool, so tune in and check it out.   We’re working on a special guest for the occasion… stay tuned for details.

 On a rather sad note: We encourage everyone to assist in the relief efforts for the victims of hurricane Katrina by donating to the Red Cross and the HSUS (for animal disaster relief), or donating your time or resources to help in any way you can.   Also, the folks at GONER RECORDS (Eric Oblivian & friends) set up a relief fund specifically for New Orleans musicians who were directly affected by the hurricane:

We are talking to some different folks about participating in a benefit show and encourage bands and clubs across the country to do the same.  We also encourage you to put pressure on our federal government to step up to the plate and help out its own citizens by contacting your legislators and letting them know you are outraged by the insufficient response to this monumental disaster.   Our heartfelt sympathies to all the victims and their families and our sincere appreciation to all those involved in the relief efforts. 

Finally, on another sad, more personal note:  We bid farewell to Randy “Biscuit” Turner, front man for the legendary Big Boys, who passed away in his home on August 18 in Austin, TX.    Much more than ‘just a band,’ the Big Boys contributed largely to the Austin music scene in the early 80’s and helped unite a national network of bands by giving them a southern destination and setting them up with gigs and places to stay.  They promoted ideas: the idea of free expression, the idea of non-judgment, the idea of liberty, the idea of creating your own scene, the idea of giving back.  These liner notes from “The Skinny Elvis” say it all:

 “At the end of those early shows the Big Boys would yell at the audience “O.K., y’all go start your own band!” about a year later everybody at those shows was in a band.” - Bill Daniel 

I never knew Randy personally, but his voice was always like an old friend coming out of the speakers, and I’ve been told he was friend to everyone he met.   I know his music changed my own life in so many ways and there probably wouldn’t be an Earaches if it hadn’t been for the Big Boys.   They are the reason we put “start your own band!” inside of our albums.   We lost a really good one this time…

 Our condolences go out to his family, friends, fans, the city of Austin, and the world of art & music.







 Photo by Bill Daniel


 "It's my world, and sometimes I retreat to it knowing full well that beyond that front door right there is horror and destruction and death and mayhem.   But I know I can't control any of that, and so this little world that I've created here, well, I can barely control that, too, but it's much more fun.” –  Randy Turner


 Until next time, Live Free – Fizzy Lipton, Minister of propaganda.


For more information about Randy and the Big Boys, please check out the following links:






1.  The Big Boys – The Skinny Elvis & The Fat Elvis 

2.  Dinosaur Jr. – You’re Living All Over Me

3.  Bob Dylan – Biograph

4.  T. Rex – Slider, Electric Warrior (what can I say, it was summer…)

5.  Guided By Voices – Bee Thousand, Alien Lanes, Under the Bushes Under the Stars



1.  Rocket From the Crypt

2.  Inhalants

3.  Stooges @ Bumbershoot

4.  Kent 3

5.  Public Enemy



1)  Kings Of Leon - Youth And Young Manhood
2)  Iggy & The Stooges - Live in Detroit with Mike Watt (DVD)
3)  Pete Yorn - For Nancy/'Cos It Already Is (1 song from CD)
4)  Robert Randolph and The Family Band - Unclassified
5)  Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - Dead or Alive (DVD)



1.  Chuck Yay-Grr - Breaking the Puget Sound Barrier
2.  Zeke - Kicked in the Teeth
3.  Crimson Sweet - Eat the Night
4.  Big Boys - The Fat Elvis 
5.  Buzzcocks - Singles Going Steady



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