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      We capped off our summer by playing the annual ‘Shakee-Slackfest’ in September, a two to three day drunken party thrown by local DJ (and yokel) Don Slack and a friend of his at a farm on Camano Island.  We debuted many of the songs from our new album to a surly and appreciative crowd from a great stage set up in a barn.  By all accounts Thee Emergency did their best to burn it down after us.


     After an intense summer of recording, mixing, and taking care of all the other details that making an album requires, we took a much needed break.   Our hiatus was cut short though when we were asked last minute to play the Little Steven’s Traveling Underground Garage show with The Charms, the Shadows of Knight and The Romantics.   The Zack Static Sect were the other last minute local openers.   Now, I’m not going to go into the gory details, but basically we got screwed out of the second slot into playing last.   So right now I wanna simultaneously thank and apologize to everyone who came out and stayed all night for our set, it was really cool to see so many of you out there.   We had about five minutes to get onstage and tune our guitars before they threw the curtains back.   Steve was still putting on his gloves when they did.   I couldn’t hear my guitar at all and had no idea what kind of tone I was laying down since we were using all backline gear.   But none of that stopped us from putting the hammer down and going full bore for our twenty five minutes, much to the delight of the crowd and the apparent surprise of the crew.   The Zack Static Sect was awesome and played a great set to a small but appreciative crowd at the beginning of the night.   I’ve been a fan of everything Zack’s done going back to the original Statics, so it’s really a treat to see him performing material from the range of his career.   All the Little Steven’s stage hands and crew were very cool and playing with the other bands was a memorable experience.


     We had advance copies of our new album ‘Time On Fire’ that night but the crowd got shuffled out of the room so quickly after our set that we couldn’t sell any.  The official release date was Halloween and we’re glad to say that you can find it just about anywhere, but urge you to support your local independent retailers.


     All the sweat and blood, sleep deprivation, and countless hours on the studio couch (or floor: "Useless" was played entirely on my knees) seem to have paid off.   The reviews are great so far, local station KEXP has given it a lot of airplay, and most importantly: new and old fans love it.


     Our CD release party at the Funhouse was nothing short of a total blast.   Not only did we have a good crowd, we had the most rockin’ crowd in town that night!   The Coloffs came out and set the bar pretty damn high with forty minutes of the best straight forward rock and roll that you’re likely to hear anywhere these days.   Really glad to see and hear Brian Coloff tearing it up again.   Next the Boss Martians kept the crowd going with song after song of infectious riffs and hook laden melodies.   I swear I still have those songs in my head.   We charged the crowd like a rabid pit bull and didn’t let go for forty or so intense minutes, playing our entire new album from start to finish.   It was great to see so many new and old fans there, as always we value your support.


     To keep us from getting big heads, our all-ages show at the LAB on the following night was by contrast pretty much a bust, in more ways than one.   It was one of those nights that seems doomed from the get go.   After scrambling to get the Zack Static Sect on the bill last minute (our all-ages compadres The Minors had backed out of the gig), they had to cancel the day of the show due to some serious illness leaving just us and Drive It Like You Stole It on the bill.   Despite having infiltrated a few local high schools with our underage ‘street team’, there were only two or three minors in the audience.   The rest of the ‘crowd’ was filled out by members of both bands and a few close friends.   That didn’t seem to faze Drive It like You Stole It who turned in a great set that was equal parts surf and snarl.   Sticking to our philosophy of playing the same for three or three thousand, we did our best to deliver the goods despite a few technical difficulties.   While we typically try to ‘burn down the house’ live, we almost took it quite literally when Oni’s amp began emitting smoke during the third song due to some masking tape stuck on one his tubes.   I thought it was just a smoke machine until the sound guy pointed it out.   We fixed the problem and after a good laugh soldiered on through the rest of the set, playing the entire new album start to finish for the second and probably last time ever.   So how do you wind up an all around crap-tacular night like that?  With a concussion of course!   As we were packing up gear Steve stepped to get up on stage and clocked himself HARD on a hanging monitor that was unfortunately stationary.   We knew it was pretty serious by the amount of blood that began pouring down his face, but it wasn’t until the next day when he was complaining about headaches and blurred vision that we realized the extent of the damage.   We’re glad to report that he’s recovering quite well and his bruised ego will eventually heal.

     Sorry about the limited news updates this year, we promise to do better in ’07.   Thanks to everyone who came to our shows, bought our merch, gave us airplay, wrote nice things about us, put us up on the road, and put up with us in general. ’06 was a hell of a ride and lord knows the excitement and adventure never end here at Earache central.   Looking forward to more great High Octane Rock and Roll in the new year, starting with a live radio appearance on KEXP and some local in store performances.

Remember:  there’s more to life than rock and roll, but not much.

Until next time, Live Free – Fizzy Lipton, Minister of Propaganda




 Guided By Voices “Hardcore UFOs” box set

 Guitar Wolf “Missle Me”

 Patti Smith “Easter”, “Horses”

 Mission of Burma “Signals, Calls, & Marches”

 Dirtbombs “If You Don’t Already Have a Look”




The Chesterfield Kings "Where the Action Is"

 Cheap Trick "Heaven Tonight"

 Bowie "Singles 1969-1993"

 Guided by Voices "Human Entertainment at Hourly Rates"

 Queens of the Stone Age "Songs for the Deaf"



Curtis Mayfield "Roots"

New Bomb Turks "Information Highway Revisited"

Hava Narghile-Vol. 2 (Turkish Garage'66-'72)

Renaldo and the Loaf "The Elbow is Taboo"

Velvet Underground "Self Titled"



Queens Of The Stone Age - Rated "R"
The Heartaches - "Too Cool For School"
Gnarles Barkley - "Crazy" (single)
Tower Of Power - "What Is Hip?", "Down To The Nightclub", "Get Yo' Feet Back On The Ground", "Soul Vaccination"
Jimi Hendrix - "Are You Experienced?" (Manic Depression!, I Don't Live Today, Can You See Me?, Third Stone From The Sun, Remember)


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