l-r: Mr. 4/4, Buzz, Zak, Tim Kerr, Tim Hayes

l-r: Alan, Zak, Joe, & August

Buzz  feels it

Joe "Killer" Kilbourne between takes

l-r:l-r: Joe, Zak, Alan, Johnny Sangster, Mike Maker & his bitchin Stang

l-r: Dan, Tim K, Alan,

Tim H, Tommy Bonehead, Joe, Zak & Johnny

  Tim plays some

Freedom tambourine

Tim Hayes gets suckered into some backups

mmm... MTR-90

TTim shows Buzz how it's really done

Buzz ready to attack


Tim x 2

Ready, set,...


"YOU! Stay on time or

I'll stick you in the closet!"
















Photos on this page by August Henrich, Dan Beloit, and any other drunk that picked up the camera.

Extra special thanks to Lori Penney for her help with the photos & gettin this page finally up!


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